VR Futuristic Real-life Problem Solving Applications

What is virtual reality?

In simple terms, virtual reality is an immersive (usually 3D) experience or environment artificially created around you. This is done to bring an experience to you which otherwise may not be in reality possible to witness or if possible then not at that given place and/or point in time.

6 Futuristic Virtual Reality (VR) Applications for Problem Solving:

Below, I have listed futuristic end-use applications for six select users (in no specific order) for real-life uses of VR in problem solving.

(Disclaimer: I am not sure whether any of these already exists today, please comment if you know any to exist.)


Understand patient analogy with VR to solve the challenge of performing certain complex and high risk procedures relating to

  • severe injuries or
  • serious conditions with low chances of survival
  • those involving delicate organs such as brain


Architects can use VR projections to address challenges such as these and many more:

  • Creating visually attractive and yet structurally strong buildings, houses, museums or just about any construction
  • Maximizing construction in limited spaces
  • Creating more environmentally efficient structures


With VR, manufacturers can try several designs with VR to address challenges such as:

  • Making the product design aesthetically appealing
  • Improve product efficiency
  • Visualize new products

Crime Investigation Officers

VR can empower crime investigation officers to solve challenges such as

  • Identifying patterns in crime
  • Visualizing different scenarios in which the crime would have taken place or can in the future
  • Establishing intentions behind committing the crime

Business Strategy Planners

VR can help strategy planners to:

  • Visualize the market landscape with competition, business environment, and customers in it for better understanding the business’ current standing in the scheme of things
  • Plan a strategy visually, whether it is a product strategy or competitor strategy or marketing or any other aspect

Rescue/Search Operators

Rescue operators face several challenges to locate the victims. With VR they can:

  • Visualize the wider area where the victims are to understand the topography better and based on their experience narrow down on high probability places
  • Plan out a way to rescue a person who is trapped in a difficult to reach location with a clear visual of the place

Select Existing Virtual Reality (VR) Application Examples:

There can be numerous ways in which VR can be used, limited only by our imagination. At present though, the widest range of applications are in the areas of entertainment / gaming and educating / training / learning.

Entertainment / Gaming

Entertainment sector has to offer endless opportunities for virtual reality technology. And even though VR is a relatively recent phenomenon, several examples exists from across the globe. A few of these include:

  • Chatham Historic Dockyard Trust’s 360° video tour of its Age of Sail galleries
  • Waymo 360° experience of self-driving car’s sensing mechanism
  • Pearl a 360° animation movie
  • Framestore’s virtual Game of Thrones

VR entertainment and gaming is also being widely used to market products. Select large scale examples include:

  • Hyundai’s (automotive manufacturer) virtual rally
  • Qantas’s virtual 3D destinations tour
  • Marriott Hotels 4D experience to teleport guests to certain destinations (e.g. beach)
  • NRMA insurance’s virtual car crash

Education / Training / Learning

VR is finding applications across various disciplines, including construction, driving, police department, fire department or any other where relatively high level of life risk/s is/are involved. A select examples include:

  • South Wales Fire and Rescue’s interactive video to train new recruits on real world rescue situations
  • Anchor Construction to train construction workers
  • LA County Sherriff’s Department advanced officer training

Comments are welcome on any new futuristic real-life problem solving applications that come to your mind!


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