5G Market Size IoT and Retail in Netherlands

5G IoT and Retail Market Size Netherlands

Netherlands has a tradition of being an early adopter of new technology and the case has been no different with 4G LTE. Netherlands leads in Europe with the highest 4G LTE penetration of nearly 90% and it ranks at #6 in the world. Further, it also has the highest internet penetration rate (98%) in Europe. With the launch of 5G around the corner, we can expect Netherlands to feature among the leaders around the globe in terms of 5G adoption. We have projected the number of mobile 5G subscribers in Netherlands, once 5G is launched (at present seems likely at 2019 end or early 2020).

Before we dwell into the Netherlands market size, we need to understand the benefits and features that 5G will bring across to its users. Further to understand the developments taking place in Netherlands we also need to develop basic knowledge of the underlying technology that fires up the 5G network. The illustrations below help to develop this very basic understanding.

Benefits and Features of 5G

Benefits and Features of 5G

Technology Involved in 5G

5G Infrastructure Technology

Netherlands already lies at the forefront in terms of the 5G infrastructure development with several initiatives undertaken by the mobile service providers in the country.

Netherlands Telecom SP Initiatives

Based on this background, we project the number of 5G mobile subscribers in Netherlands to grow at a CAGR of 62% during 2020-2023. This will not only bring higher revenue for mobile network operators from voice and data but also open new value added services (VAS) opportunities in the areas of video subscription services (5G will enable HD, Ultra HD video streaming), virtual and augmented reality, smart home, live TV and more.

Netherlands 5G Mobile Subscribers Projected Market Size

Netherlands 5G Mobile Market Size

Apart from the consumer market, 5G also opens up a wide range of opportunities for mobile network operators in the commercial space, as illustrated below:

Netherlands 5G Commercial Market Opportunity

5G Commercial and IoT Market Opportunity and Size Netherlands

Please contact us to purchase the version with market size numbers.

You can also view this in slide show at: https://www.slideshare.net/AtulGulrajaniLIONatu/snapshot-of-5g-market-size-netherlands-2018


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